Live Drop


What is CaseJump?
CaseJump is a online store that lets you purchase cases, similar to those that you can purchase within CS:GO. We offer more cases than you can buy within the game and better skins.
How can I open cases?
You must first make a deposit on CaseJump. You can do this on the top right corner of the screen. Credit card, bitcoin, and Alipay are accepted.
How do I withdraw skins?
Go to your account page linked at the top of the page. From here you can send items to your account.
I am receiving an error when attempting to withdraw items.
All items must be withdrawn within 24 hours. If you did not withdraw your item, it will be sold back to CaseJump and the item value will be added to your balance. In the case that Steam is having technical issues, please try again later.
Can I contact you with ideas or support?
Absolutely! Please send all requests to [email protected].
Can you sponsor my channel?
If you have a YouTube or another popular channel and would like to get sponsored, please reach out to [email protected].
How do you deal with the new 7-day CSGO trade locks?
In many cases this might mean you will need to wait up to 7 days after withdrawing for the offer to be sent to you. You will need to come back after the waiting period ends to send the final offer.